Never forgiven. Never forgotten.

This morning I woke to find that our world had been rocked.
A day we'd all feared. A day that our people stood shocked.
Daily routine became distant. Our normal life we'd been driven.
Our lives changed forever. This will never be forgiven.

An expectation in our minds, sat dormant in denial.
Brought to our attention in the worse possible style.
As the day began unfolding we became saturated in pain,
The facts began arriving like shrapnel on the brain.

Questions in our heads ran like the tears down our cheeks.
With no answers to be found, our inner strength became weak.
As the light began fading, the realisation was emerging.
The tears turned to anger, blood in our veins began surging.

Looking to the sky for reason, feeling helpless, feeling numb.
Did yesterday really happen? Will tomorrow ever come?
Our way of life had been stripped open. Families torn apart.
Infinite years of endless healing. Who knows where we will start.

But this is our home. Now this is our call.
We will get back on our feet. We must stand tall.
An Island United by yet another reign of terror.
We're joined in our hearts. We'll fight this together.

Martyn Black
12th July 2005.

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